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Centro assistenza CyberLink / FAQ – Download e Installazione / What is the SR Number and how can I find it among CyberLink products?
What is the SR Number and how can I find it among CyberLink products?

SR Number is an ID for CyberLink to track program builds internally. With this number, we can easily trace back of the details of software. To speed up technical support process, please try either one of following methods to find the SR Number and then send it to us along with your inquiry.


Find the SR Number before installing the software from a CD: 

You can find the SR Number before you install the software from a CD. Use Windows' Search feature to search a file called "info.ini" on the installation CD. There might be more than one info.ini file. Open either one of them and you can find a line starts with the "SR_No". The value in the right side of SR_No is the SR Number.


Find the SR Number after installing the software: 

If you have installed the program, there're three ways to find the SR Number:

  • Find the SR Number on the user interface:
    Start the CyberLink program that you want to find the SR Number for. Most CyberLink programs have a product name logo shown on the user interface. For example, when you use PowerDirector, you'll see the product name on upper right corner. Click it and will bring up the About dialog, in this window you can find the SR Number.
  • Find the SR Number in the program menu:
    You also can find the SR Number in the About dialog by clicking the Help menu on the program and select About [program name].
  • Find the SR Number in the Registry (especially for PowerCinema users)
    After you installed the CyberLink software, click the Windows Start menu. Click Run, in the dialog that appears, key in "regedit" to launch the "Registry Editor". In the left pane of Registry Editor, extend the path to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/ CyberLink/<program name>/<version>/BuildInfo". In this path you can see there is a "SR_No" in the right pane. The "Data" column has a few digits and that is the SR Number.
Note: Do not edit or delete any item of the registry, or it may cause Windows or other software malfunction.
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